Empower Your Research Team with AI

Temujin is an AI driven market research assistent which automates tedious and repetitive manual tasks through the entire qualitative market research process.

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Optimize Research Operations

The AI automates tasks throughout the entire qualitative research proces

Research Design

Temujin aids research design by defining the audience, recommending methodology, and analyzing prior research projects for a streamlined process.

Data Collection

Temujin's AI simplifies data collection via interviews, focus groups, and online platforms, making research more efficient for you.

Data Analysis & Reporting

From raw, unstructured data to research reports, Temujin streamlines all analysis tasks, maximizing your productivity effortlessly.

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You are in control.

Temujin is an AI which serves you the best it can, so that you become more productive and efficient.

Give Tasks

Empower Temujin to tackle your research workload by assigning it specific tasks, making your research process more efficient and manageable.

Specify details

Specify research objectives and nuances with clarity, ensuring Temujin delivers insightful results tailored to your project's unique needs.

Assess output and enjoy results

Assess Temujin's outputs with confidence, knowing that its AI-driven analyses are accurate, relevant, and aligned with your research goals.

Unbiased Resarch
Easy to use
GDPR compliant

One AI Assistent, many use cases

Temujin works for different kinds of research teams and goals

Market Researchers

Market researchers conduct many qualitative interviews to gain insights in the minds of people for their business clients. They work either at research agencies or at client side and deal with tight deadlines for clients and stakeholders.


Product Managers

Product Managers need to create new products from scratch. They conduct many validation interviews and wants to create user personas, or do concept tests to validate solutions.

Academic Researchers

Academic researchers conduct qualitative research to test hypotheses and write academic papers. A still very manual process.


Let us know if you have any questions or requests. We usually repsond within 24 hours.



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